Growing Ivy Houseplant – Ivy Plant Care

how to care for an Ivy plantWe used to see there is a plant grow in-house or office building. The indoor plant has been recommended to bring fresh air inside. It can reduce pollutants in the room and fresh your eyes when you see the beauty of it. Ivy plant is the most common houseplant. It’s been loved by many people, and it’s easy to grow as an indoor plant. It’s good to tell you that ivy is one of the most air purifying houseplants, it absorbs harmful substances from the sky and changes it into pure oxygen. Of course, it’s good for your environment. This beautiful plant can grow long and lush and be bringing you a green nature to your living space. It can become both indoors and outdoors. Ivy plant is species from Araliaceae family, it becomes to all over the area, climbing the walls, and tree trunk. Many people interested in growing Ivy. It’s necessary to know how to care for an Ivy plant.

Growing Ivy indoors is easy as long as you know how to take care Ivy plant proper. Let’s learn more about Ivy and Ivy plant care.
There are a lot of available variety of ivies. There are English Ivy (Hedera Helix), Irish Ivy (Hedera Hibernica), Algerian Ivy (Hedera canariensis), Persian Ivy (Hedera colchica), Japanese Ivy (Hedera rhombea), Russian Ivy (Hedera Pastuchovii), Nepal Ivy (Hedera Nepalensis).

English Ivy is the most common type of ivy-grown indoors. English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a European outdoors plant which also does well indoors. Each variety of ivies comes in several different cultivars and variegated. The difference seems at leaf color and shape. They can be white, yellow, gray, black, gray, cream, and green. Because the number of colors and shape, may it make you confused. It depends on your preference whether you choose all shades of green or variegated. Make sure you find the best one for you.

How to care for an Ivy plant indoors?

Ivy is easy growing houseplants; it’s not difficult to grow ivy indoors as long as you know what the plant needs. The first thing to remember about growing vine indoors is that it requires bright light. You have to keep providing all plant ‘s needs regarding water, light, and humidity to let your ivy indoors grow as well. If vine inside doesn’t get enough light, it will become leggy and sicky looking and more prone to pests. Your vine may produce short leaves and growth stunted if it doesn’t get proper light. Moreover, the beautiful colors on the leaves will disappear, the color fades and dull green in less light. Your expectation for unusual of ivy indoors may be gone. Also, you should also pay attention to the soil, and it should be well drained and evenly moist.

Ivy Plant Care

Ivies like to live in moist soil. You need to keep the land in proper wet. Watering the soil regularly or don’t let it dry. But before you water your ivy plant again, it’s better to check the ground first whether it is dry or still moist enough as ivy doesn’t like in overly wet soil. So, make sure that your plant has perfect drainage. In taking care of ivy plant, you should also include regular fertilizer. Frequent fertilizer can make your ivy grow fast and lusher. Fertilize your vine at least once a month in the spring, summer, and fall with a water-soluble, nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing your vine in the winter because it is inactive period. If you feed it in this period, you will get more harm than a benefit of it.

Having a periodic washing for your ivy to remove dust and pests from their leaves. You can shower the plant and let the water run over the plant for a few minutes. Be aware when the plant has a severe pest infestation, you may need to bring the spray closer to the plant and shower it harder to throw off all the pests. If the ivy grows too long, you can remove old leaves now and again, and sometimes occasional pruning is advisable.

Growing ivy indoors is such a great experience and fun. You will not only get a wonderful outdoors inside but also get the pure fresh air produced by creepers. Moreover, you may get a compliment by others who come and see your beautiful climbers. Caring ivy plant is natural and rewarding. You may try to grow the wide selection of ivy plants, and it would be so exciting and fun.

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