What is Used to Clean Pools

What is Used to Clean Pools – Swim Pool Cleaning Equipment

A swimming pool is one of the favorite places to refresh our body. Refresh our body is one of a key to making healthy besides consumes vitamin D. So Make sure your swimming pool always clean. Supporting the performance of a swimming pool is necessary. A clean pool will provide a comfortable impression for its users. Besides, the cleanliness of the pool also ensures the health of anyone who is in the pool.

So, to always be in a clean condition, it is necessary to clean the swimming pool periodically and don’t forget to prepare and use the right tools for it. What do we need to clean pool? There are some tools you can use to make your pool clean. For example, telescopic pole, vacuum head, vacuum hose, etc.

They are swimming pool cleaning equipment. This cleansing is done to keep the water clear and free from various kinds of dirt, germs, and another microorganism that can cause disease. To be more comfortable, swimming pool cleaning should be done by using equipment explicitly made to clean the pond. By using the equipment, the cleaning process will be done effectively and efficiently.

What is used to clean pools

1. Telescoping Pole

In pool cleaning, this tool can be used as a handle by connecting it to floor brushes, wall brushes, and leaf skimmer. By using the handles, we do not have to go down to the pool or dive to clean the inside of the pool. However, we can stay edge by the pool while cleaning the inside of the pool with the help of a telescopic pole. This is one of my favorite pool vacuum because simple to use. Cleaning your pool is a fundamental piece of pool upkeep. Connect a telescoping pole to your  hose and show signs of improvement venture into your pool’s profound closures and other difficult to-achieve places.

In general, the telescopic pole has a length of about 2.5 m and is made of durable aluminum or fiberglass and lightweight materials. As for size, this tool can be extended by pulling both ends up to reach a maximum length of about 4.8 m. With that length, the brush can reach the bottom of the pool so it will facilitate you in brushing the floor of the pool.

2. Leaf Traps

The next pool cleaning equipment is a Leaf Trap or Leaf Canister. The leaf trap is Automatic suction type pool cleaners or vacuum heads. Leaf traps have a function to prevent clogging of pump baskets and filters, and it is associated with the finish of the vacuum hose just before the pool skimmer.

3. Vacuum Hose

A vacuum hose is a tool that has a function to connect between the vacuum head to the vacuum or vacuum fitting on the pool wall. A vacuum hose has a diameter of 4 inches and has a long interval varied. For the length of this hose are various kinds: there are 9 meters, 12 meters, and the most extended 15 meters. The vacuum hose is made of an elastic plastic material, so it is very flexible to use.

From this vacuum hose, filter pump can suck the dirt at the bottom of the pool.

This tool is essential to support the process of swimming pool vacuum, so when there is a problem in the vacuum hose will make the process of vacuum in the pool will be hampered, and the results obtained less than the maximum. There are several steps you must know, first make sure the vacuum hose is connected to the vacuum head and telescoping pole (both above).

Then lower the tool to the pool, and you fill the vacuum hose full of water and plug the end of the hose into the skimmer suction hole or particular vacuum channel on the wall. What will happen is Water and the debris drawn to the filter pump basket through the vacuum hose. Function Skimmer vacuum plates or in-line strainers is to prevent clogging of small pump baskets.

4. Vacuum Heads

You are required to clean pool at least once a week. A good vacuuming is a good idea to make a dirty pool look good. In step of cleaning, the pool needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis. A vacuum hose is connected to the vacuum head and ensure the vacuum head is joined to the shaft.

After that, lower it the pole and vacuum head into the pool. Next, plug the hose and connect it to the skimmer. You must know that vacuum heads have two different types. One is designed for a vinyl lined pool and has brushes instead of wheels, and the other is designed to have wheels and weighted for the concrete pool.

5. Vac Plates

Plates that fit your skim basket with a lift center lift adapter called a skimmer vacuum plate or Vac Skim. You can start connecting to the end of the hose after dipping the hose with water, and the next step is to place quickly above the skimmer basket. You trap the debris in a more prominent and more comfortable to clean skimmer basket Now, instead of sucking dust into the pump basket. You should know the Vac Skim plate has a particular size and this is due to fit with a custom-sized skimmer basket. So we will save time and vacuum up the dirty pool with Skimmer vac plates.

6. Skimmer Nets

I think this is simple equipment. This is a low net and leaf rake. The function of the skim net is to remove light debris floating on the surface of the pool before sinking to the floor, removing leaves, bugs and other debris. Make your pool clean easier! So, you must have this equipment.

7. Pool Brushes

Pool brush is a unique brush to clean the dirt on the pool. This tool is used to remove the moss-lichens are often attached to the pool wall and on the floor of the pool. Similarly, the various tools above, to use this pool brush must also be attached with a telescopic handle. Pool brush is essential. Because as bright as any of your ponds, still needs to be brushed. Gradually, the walls and floor of your pool will be dirty and will appear a layer of dirt. Layers of dirt can come from dust into ponds, sweat, oil, minerals, and other substances that enter the water and react with swimming pool drugs.

There are several types of Pool Brushes. Stainless steel used for plaster or concrete pools, Plastic bristle brushes used in all types of ponds are usually ideal for above ground and vinyl pools and next for plaster ponds only have to use a combination of steel/plastic feather brush

8. Leaf Bagger

You often Clean the debris and leaves out of your pool with Leaf Bagger. Leaf baggers are ideal for cleaning quick places or cleaning pool floors full of leaves. It’s available with a mesh leaf pouch, or an excellent mesh pouch.

9. Stain Master

Stain Master is your solution for stain and algae problems. This tool is the ideal solution for small local stains on plaster pools especially metal stains, rust stains, or mineral deposits. How to use stain master? Start, attach the Stain-Master to a pool pole and don’t forget to thread the supplied hose attachment and cap onto a gallon container of muriatic acid.

10. Pumice Stone

The pumice stone is light lighter glass lava that can be rubbed through the stain of the pond to remove it by grinding it from the surface. We can use a pumice stone to remove stains or local sediments in the concrete pond is a pumice stone, and this method is quite useful. Pool Stone Blocks are a pumice stone that can stick to your palm pole or a pumice stone that has a handle that you can use to swim.

More details, this tool Works well on cement stains, berry stains, for removing hard water, mineral and mildew stains from ceramic tile grout, and concrete surfaces and calcium deposits on plaster or tiles and Can also be used to rub the head of black algae from the surface of the swimming pool.

11. Pool Scrubbing Mitt

Vinyl pools should use Tile & Vinyl Cleaner, and avoid acid-based chlorine or cleansers. As part of your weekly maintenance schedule, commercial pools are busy scrubbing the tiles of bands and skimmers inside with a chlorine-based abrasive cleaner such as Comet ™ or Soft Scrub ™. See our Tile Grout Scrubber and Pool Scrubbing Mitt, both of which are perfect for dirt and water stains, or apply chlorine paste or decrease the pH to underwater stains.

12. Skimmer Weirs

Weir Skimmer works on the fundamental principle of a dam. Oil generally has a smaller viscosity than water, so it will float on the surface. Weir skimmer keeps only the oil that floats on the water into the reservoir and then distributed using the pump. Remember, the skimmer weir has a vital role in the skimming action of your skimmer. so, if Misaligned, broken or missing weirs it can make a pool skimmer loses most of its effectiveness

13. Return Eye Balls

The last equipment that you must know is Return Eyeball.This tool has a function that aims to return correctly helps to direct the pool water circularly and creates a slight surface ripple to help transport the floating leaves in front of the skimmer.

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